Friday, February 1, 2008

The birth of a new blogger

This is my first blog post, and I have many things to say but I will talk about one thing which is how this blog have started
But before that let me confess that I have different ideas about blogs in all.
These ideas have been accumulated over the time and extremely affected by the blogs that I have seen and read in my daily internet use.
These ideas can be summarized into few points:
  1. The blog should not have only my personal information and memories
  2. In the blog I should represent myself to the world, represent my ideas and opinions.
  3. The blog should be different of other blogs.
  4. The blog should aciqure reader and interest them, and if it fail in that, it should stop and leave the space for the capable people.

This was my own ideas and it make me think too much each time I think in making my own blog.
And every time my thinking led me to the same result, I'm not capable to make a good blog which meets the above mentioned ideas. But I always have ideas and make researches, which I want to share it with other people but there were only one man who I was sharing all my ideas with him. He was the victim of a long years of friendship (True he is my best friend, he called Khaled Mahmoud ). I was always sending him my latest research ideas to discuss it with him. But three days ago I sent one of these mails - I share with Khaled - to another great man called Mohamed Karam.
All my words can’t give you the true picture about Mohamed Karam, but I think it is enough for now to say that Mohamed Karam is the Lead Technical Architect of ITWorx, the biggest professional software services company in Egypt.
Mohamed replayed to my mail with one main thing, he said that my ideas are interesting and I must have a blog containing these ideas.
This replay has beaten my old idea that I’m not capable of writing a good blog. And this blog is the result
This is the story of this blog.
Finally I would to like thank Mohamed Karam for his encouragement that give me the courage and confidence to start this blog. Of course I would like to thank Khaled Mahmoud for his support and patient to read my mails all during our long years of friendship.


Khaled Mahmoud said...

7abib albi :)
Really I think this is a great step for you to organize and archive the loads of wonderful ideas you have.
I'm sure it will be joyful and useful for any software engineer to read your ideas.
It is rare to see someone in our field with such an enthusiastic and motivated view of how to develop software in our country, keep it up !
Rabben m3ak :)

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