Monday, December 1, 2008

ICT Centers in Egypt

I have wondered so many times. Do we have research and development centers for the IT industry in Egypt ?
Then question become wider; what are the ICT centers do we have in Egypt ?

During my search and my experince I have found many centers in egypt working in relation to the communications and Information Technology.

And here what I got:

· Data Mining and Computer Modeling Center [MCIT]
· Wireless Communication and Electronic Design Center [MCIT]
· Cairo Microsoft Innovation Center (CMIC) [Microsoft]
· Center for Wireless Intelligent Networks (WINC) [Nile University ]
· Center for Informatics Science (CIS) [Nile Univerity]
· Center for Innovation & Competitiveness (CIC) [Nile Univerity]
· Orange Labs R&D
· CISCO - Core competency e-learning institute
· ZTE & Huwaei – Wi-Max R&D centers
· Center for Advanced Studies [IBM]
· Nanotechnology Center [IBM]
· Regional Platform Definition Center [Intel]
· Regional Software Enablement Lab [Intel]
· Developer Support Center for Regional Developers [Microsoft]

I will try to cover these centers and what it do in the near futur.
I’m still searching J

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