Sunday, February 22, 2009

Center of Innovation & Competitiveness (INCOM) - Nile University

Nile University Center for Innovation and Competitiveness (NU/INCOM) is primarily focused on identifying, researching and promoting innovation practices that have improved competitiveness at the company, industry and country levels, with special emphasis on Egypt and the MENA region. Innovation is one of the most important competitive priorities in firms and in nations, and it is a major driving force for change in today's world. It is critical in the formulation of successful manufactoring strategies for nations, at the micro and macro levels, and in enhancing their economic development and global market positioning. Innovation guides any business, small, medium or large, in its ability to successfully compete in the global market, thus impacting the international competitiveness of firms and nations.

Strategic policy planning and implemention in modern governments requires technological foresight and database and system modeling capabilities upon which policies and initiatives for national priorities can be determined. In this area INCOM will focus on developing database and modeling tools to aide government agancies in:
  • Developing technology foresight capability
  • Policy analysis capability
  • Strategic policy evaluation capabilities

Strategies for competitiveness in business firms require efficient and effective use of technological and business resources and keen understanding of the global market and its dynamics. CIC will focus on the firms' basic competitive priories including:

  • Providing innovative products/services that compete favorably with competition.
  • Predictive benchmarking of competitor's products and services.
  • Producing products/services with high quality performance standards.
  • Producing and distributing products/services at a competitive price.
  • Meeting delivery scheduling and reacting quickly to customer schedule changes.
  • Reacting to changes in market needs and in product requirements.
  • Offering a broad platform of services to boost customer satisfaction.

Through NU Executive Development Center, INCOM will also provide training and research services to encourage and facilitate entrepreneurship capabilities in small, medium and large business enterprises in a global context.

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